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As Fate would have it

In August of 2001 Robin and Calli Halbert purchased a 10 acre farm in Enumclaw.
Robin was a flight test engineer, and Calli was working as a production
supervisor for a manufacturing company. They had just settled into their 1890’s
dilapidated one room school house to start their new life and plan their
upcoming marriage. The events of 911
soon changed their lives forever

One month into their new lives Robin & Calli had their lives turned upside
down. Robin got laid off from his good paying engineering job, and the couple
had just taken on a big mortgage for their land. With little savings on hand
Robin desperately looked for a new source of income to support his family.

While looking for a new engineering job in the aerospace industry, Robin looked to
the land to help make life’s necessities. Robin grew up on a sailboat in the south pacific and
knew little about farming. Picking up a
book, and using local knowledge, Robin started raising pigs to make a little
extra money and put bacon on the table.

Raising pigs was hard but rewarding work. Making bacon was even more of a challenge.
Robin turned to books and the local butcher to learn all he could about the
process of curing meat. He practiced,
and practiced. All this bacon soon was
more than the couple could eat so they started giving it away to friends. The
bacon was well received and the couple hatched a plan to take their meat to the
farmers markets. They were totally unknowing of the regulations, that they were
required have

The farmers markets would not allow Robin & Calli to take bacon to sell. So the
couple got a license to take eggs from their farm to the farmers market. That
got sales started while they filed for all the required licensing to sell their
bacon. Selling eggs from their farm was hard work and was not paying the bills
and economy continued to decline. Things were rough for the couple

This is when fate stepped in. Calli and Robin
met this wonderful woman from Scotland named Cerie. Over a few drinks at a Christmas party Cerie
explained how awful the American bacon was relative to British Bacon. Robin
made a promised to Cerie that he would try to make her some British Bacon that
would make her feel at home in America, and Cerie promised that she would tell
all her friends here from the UK about the new bacon

Robin followed through with his promise to make the British Bacon, and Cerie followed
through and told all her friends at Microsoft about British Bacon Robin was
making. Robin & Calli set up the Proper British Bacon butcher shop in Auburn Washington in 2010.
They now make over 500 products for you to