Proper British Bacon..... The British Butcher

Proper British Bacon is proud to introduce our line of All Natural Pet Foods and treats.

Natural Dog/Cat Food.

This is a 2 pound portion of Beef kidney, Beef Hearts,  Chicken Backs, and Turkey necks.  Ground to the perfect size and flash frozen to lock in the freshness. Recipe is based on "Primal Diet for Dogs" book.  This product can be had from the Auburn Shop for $6.49 each.

Ground beef for pets- NEW

We grind up the beef trimmings and cartilage for the pets. Great as a stand alone or mix with other food for a healthy diet. $3.49 2 lb chub.

Ground beef with brown rice and veggies for pets- NEW

Same ground beef for pets mixed with brown rice and veggies. $6.49 for a 2 lb chub.

Note:  We do discounts on bulk orders!

Natural local grass fed Beef Bones cut for your best friend.
Round pipe bones $2.99 lb
Large nuckle bones 3 pounds for $5.99.