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Wild Game

Wild Game hunting hunters

****As of 11/15/2018 we will not be processing any wild game. If you bone out your animal and want to have it ground or made into sausage, we will gladly due that for you. We will be update as this changes. We apologize for the inconvenience. An injury forces our decision here. 

Here at Proper British Bacon, we process wild game for hunters.  We do not sell wild Game to the public!

Due to problems, we no longer have after hours drop off. Call us before you head in to the field to save your spot for processing!

Why should I choose Proper British Bacon to process my animal?
We only process wild game, no farm kill.  Your animal will not be put low on our priority list in favor of farm kill beef.  We do not sell wild game in our meat case so you can be assured that you get all your meat back! All animals are cut and wrapped one at a time so you will be eating your animal. You name goes on every package so nothing can get lost, and you can tell what you are eating. We have over 30 years of hunting and butchering experience, you will get your animal done right.


Cut and Wrap:
Deer, Caribou, Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goat $139.99
Elk $349.99
Bear TBD
Moose TBD
We cut on a first come first done policy. Additional days hanging are at $20.00 per day. Our cooler is so dry that after 7 days hang time most deer are too dry to cut.

Flat Fee additional hanging days are at $20.00 per day. Pigs are not aged!

Bear Price will depend on size.

All sausages are 10 lb minimum
Breakfast sausage $3.25 per pound.
Summer Sausage, Smoked Salami, Peppercorn Salami, $6.00 lb
All link sausage is $5.00 lb. and a dollar extra to smoke.
Jerky $8.00 lb
Pepperoni, landjaeger, half -n- half  and small cased sausages $8.00 lb

Vacuum sealing is Free with smoked meat

Skinning   $125.00 
Gutting   $50.00

If we are just hanging your animal with no cut and wrap is at $20.00 per day to hang your animal. Limited to space on hand and by approval of animal only.

Cleaning of an animal is at a rate of $45.00 per hour so bring your animal in clean. Clean means no fur of any amount, no anus, no esophagus, no scent glands, no leg and feet! If you must bring in the testicals, please skin them, cut all tubes leading to them, and tie them up in a bag. Please don’t bring any parts with fur on them, it will blow onto the other animals and make clean carcasses fury.

We do not do fish.  We are not licensed to process them... All the pleading in the world with not change our minds.

Note: We reserve the right to refuse any animal. Your tag must accompany the animal, or we will not take the animal.  All sausage, jerky and smoked meats will be done first come first serve, unless other arrangements have been made. If you want your smoked meats faster it can be done for an expedite fee TBD.  After 10 day from the point at which we have contacted you that your animal is done we will charge 10$ per day storage fee. If you do not pick up your meat within 30 days after dropping it off,  We will notify fish and wildlife that the animal was abandoned (you can lose your right to hunt for doing this), and we will donate meat to charity. Hides will need to be picked up the day after skinning or we will throw them out.  We cannot store or deliver you hides or heads. All prices are based on the hot weight of the meat that is to be processed into smoked meats. Call 253-709-8294 for additional questions.

You must realize that if you drop off a 100 pound deer that is gutted and skinned, after hanging trimming, cutting and wrapping,  you will do well if you get 50 pounds of meat back. It will be even less if you have smoked meats made from your animal.  During smoking you lose half of the weight of the meat in water loss. If you think this is wrong take your animal someplace else. All animals are cut and wrapped one at a time so you will be eating your animal. How you take care of that animal in the field will have a great impact on how it tastes after it has been processed.  Any animal that has hung in a tree or a garage for more than 48 hours should be taken to some other butcher.