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How to cook my prime rib?
Making the perfect prime rib roast does not happen by luck or tricks.  Every roast will cook differently depending on the meat and your oven.  Most ovens are not even close to properly calibrated. You need to start with a good seasoning. We can recommend one or season your prime rib roast for you. Start by putting your seasoned roast on an oiled broiling pan. Pre heat your oven to 475 degrees. Roast your prime rib for 20 minutes uncovered. Turn your oven down to 325 until your roast reaches 10 degrees below your target temp.  Rare pull it at 120, Med 135 Well 140.  This MUST be accomplished with a good calibrated meat thermometer. Thermometers can be purchased for 10 dollars at any good kitchen store and we have them at the shop as well.  Let the roast rest and finish cooking out of the oven. Never cover a prime rib roast. If you suspect that your meat thermometer is not reading properly, boil some water.  Place the sensor in that water and it should read 212 degrees.  If it does not, adjust it before using it!

Prime Rib Method 2.
Place the prime rib on the counter at room temp for 2 hours. Preheat the oven to 500 degrees F.  Bake the prime rib at this temp for 5 minutes per pound.  Turn off the oven and let it set in the cooling oven for 2 hours. Serve immediately.  This comes from cooks.com and I have not tried this method.

How to cook a great british ham?
Cook the ham uncovered at 350 degrees until the internal temp has reached 130 degrees. Peel back the top skin.  Diamond cut the flesh ¼ inch deep. Mix up one can crushed pineapple mixed with 2 cups brown sugar and a pinch of ground cloves, and pour over the top of the ham.  Bake until the internal temp has reached 145 degrees.  This should take 4 to 6 hours. Some people like to add a good mustard into the mix.

What does uncured mean?
An uncured meat is one that is made without using added nitrates.  When sea salt, meat, and celery juice are combined,  naturally occurring nitrates form to cure the meat.

Why aren’t all your meats Uncured?
The addition of nitrates, gives most traditional cured meats there distinct color and texture. We feel that nitrates in small quantities are necessary to make some of our products meet your high expectations.

Are your meats frozen?
Most of the meat in the United States has been frozen at one time or another.  When it is available we use fresh meats. All meats for the Farmers markets are frozen.  Fresh meats can be had from the shop.

Can I pick up product from you if I don’t want to pay for shipping, or I have missed the Redmond delivery?
Yes, we have all of our product line available for pick up from the shop @ 625 Auburn Way S.,  Auburn.  Just call the shop at 253-709-8294 or send me an email

I have a friend that has a restaurant and they would love to make their meals with your products.  How can we help to make that happen?
Some of our items can be used in restaurants. Call us for Details.

There is something I would like to have made, but I don’t see it on your site. Can you make something special for me?
Yes,  just drop me an email
info@properbritishbacon.com with all the details you can and I will try and help you out.

How long will your products last in the refrigerator?
That depends on the meat.  If you have just received a shipment and you don’t plan on eating it right way please use your best judgment, and freeze what you don’t plan on eating right way.

How long will your product stay good in the freezer?
We have run many tests on this subject.  We have eaten bacon and sausages in vacuum sealed packages after 6 months in a good deep freezer, and they were very tasty.  If you are using the freezer in your refrigerator you have about a month before the quality begins to wane. Please eat our products as soon as you can so you can buy some fresh meats soon!

How much fat is in your bacon?                                                                                                       Our British bacon or back bacon is much leaner that traditional American or streaky bacon.  For approximate fat content  you can look at http://www.porkandhealth.org/NutriFat.aspx for more information.  As you can see you are better off eating our bacon than eating a skinless chicken thigh.

How do I cook your Haggis?                                                                                              The best way to cook our Haggis is to start by defrosting the haggis overnight in the refrigerator.  Poke it with a fork several times.  Then steam it in lamb or chicken broth for several hours.  A crock pot works well for steaming. Don’t worry it will most likely burst open before it is done. Use a very small amount of stock, and add more ever so often.  If you use too much stock the haggis will burst and you have Haggis soup.  If this happens put the haggis soup into a glass backing dish in the oven and heat at 325' untill most of the stock is gone.
Ranger Crow adds a little brown ale to the stock...... Give it a try!

How long should I cook the pork pies?                                                                                

 The pork pies take 50 to 60 minutes in my oven at 375 degrees. Cook them until the internal temp is 145 degrees or more.  If you paint them with egg wash,  they will get shiney and dark brown.

Egg carton exchange program,  how does it work?                                                                We will take 50 cents off the cost of a dozen eggs by refilling our egg carton when you bring it to the shop.  You can not get 50 cents for every carton of ours that you return to us.  We will happily take your clean cartons and recycle them for you.

How should I cook your sausages?                                                                                   There are literally hundreds of ways to cook a sausage.  A good basic starter method is to steam the sausage in a small amount of water in your skillet with the lid on.  After several minutes,   remove the lid and boil out the excess water.  Allow the skin of the sausage to brown.   Use your thermometer to check that the center temp is more than 155 degrees.  You can use this method with a frozen sausage; it will just take longer to steam.

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